Lovely Saturday: Selfridges package…

It wasn’t bad. it is finally weekends – after a week of hectic work. 2 out of 8 of my colleagues were on their holidays this week. We need to take over some of their jobs.

I’ve received 2 customers complaining about the banking services. And this time they complain about we took too much transaction cost from them. And it’s my first time dealing with it. I do learn a lot of things to be honest.

It also wasn’t too bad that I’ve got my package. 🙂

So yesterday I’ve just received my Selfridges package, nicely wrapped in a little canvas bag. It is from the shopping I’ve done which I’ve mentioned in the previous post.

The delivery only took 6 days sending from the UK to Taiwan.




I bought several makeup brushes from Zoeva (mostly eye makeup brushes), eye glitter, and dark NYX lip cream. Oh! And I also got a MAC eyeshadow in Wedge. I saw a lot of YouTubers use it as nose contour. I cannot wait to practice with them and share with you how it goes.

Going to try them on tomorrow!




It’s Saturday. The weather is awesome. I went out for lunch with my Mum we had some traditional Chinese food.

Ohh! And I’ve installed Photoshop on my laptop and I am going to learn how to use them. It seems a bit complicated but I think I will handle them well soon and hopefully create some better quality photos.

How do you spend your Saturdays? Let me know in the comments below.

Hope you all have a lovely day!




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