Me time, park, thoughts



So today I spend a whole they today strolling around in the park. Trying to relax myself a little bit. A lot of things has been running in mind my recently. And it’s just too much!



I love it today especially when no one is here and I can focus on my thoughts. It is literally the best escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. I’ve listed down all my thoughts and things I’ve wanna achieve on my phone, which will remind.

After all the walks and thinkings, I’ve talked to one of my close friends, she thinks that I need some relax. ( yes, I do need. As my work is very intense and busy)

Then there’s a thought comes out from my mind – I need to travel around the world next year. Yes, exactly next year – a whole year.

Travelling around the world might require a lot courage as well as money, which I need to save up a certain amount. Then I googled on youtube about cheap ways to travel. I then bumped into this brilliant Youtuber called PsychoTraveller. She is a lovely British girl who travels around the world a lot and provided a lot of her personal experience on cheap traveling tips. And it really do inspire me to explore this big world.


Today’s outfit:

Top: Pull & Bear

Legging: River Island

Bag: Cambridge Satchel



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