Notting Hill, blog, life

Yes… I’ve been disappearing from this blog for a while.

Work was busy. I’ve had so many accomplishments this week. And finally, I now get on with my boss quite well. (least I am happy with this bit)

The days I am not blogging, I was watching films and reading some blogs from bloglovin’. I saw some lovely posts about fashion and some makeup tutorial. I was thinking of writing some of them and hoping to inspire some of you.

The other thing that literally made my week is that I’ve watched the movie “Notting Hill”, starred by Julia Robert and Hugh Grant. Filmed in London (I love London!), amazing casts and the plot – a relation between a well known actress and a book shop owner! In my opinion, I’ll give it 99/100, the rest missing point is that the movie doesn’t have the second part. 🙂

Anyway, it is just the best romantic movie ever!


And this week has been so busy. Not only from work but also a lot of things running in my mind. Like what am I going to do with my life and what I am going to create and share on my blog?

I had dinner with my high school mate a few days ago, which she is an intern in hospital. She doesn’t enjoy her job either. And so as my other mates.

Then I remember I saw a Youtube video from Oprah, she said:”…20 something is all about trying around…” I think I am just at this stage…

Running a blog really does help me to figure out what I am going to do in life and write whatever comes out from my mind.

This morning, I did my online shopping from Selfridges, spent around £100 (feeling a bit guilty…) but I will share with you when it arrives!




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