My 26 eye make-up brushes



Is it only just me love to experience all kinds of makeup brushes around? When I was learning eye-makeups I love to buy all of them and try.

Yeap! So I was doing some makeup brush shopping (again) previously. Then I thought it’s the time to lay out the ones I got and list all of them down in case I won’t buy them more.

And I feel it’s cool if I can share with you my experience with these lovely brushes.






Shading brush

  • Real Technique base shadow brush

When it comes to drugstore make-up brushes, I will definitely recommend Real Technique. The price is affordable and quality is amazing! The base shadow brush is the one I normally pad my transition shade or doing other eyes looks that need to pad big area of colour. The brush is fluffy, so it is suitable for natural eye looks.

  • Real Technique shading brush

It’s a smaller brush shading brush (half size of the previous ones). I normally use it to pad colour on my inner corner of the eyelid. And this is why I bought 2 of them. Love it!

  • Zoeva 234

Here comes to my top 3 favourite brush! 🙂 It’s a flat shader brush. The brush is called “smokey shader” but I use all kinds of eye look. It always achieves the intensity of the colour I want. And I don’t need to pad too much layer on my lid. The other reason I love it is that the size is just perfect for my lid as I got Asian eye… And I can barely find any other shading brush to replace Zoeva.




  • Sigma E55

I saw a lot of positive reviews about Sigma E55 brush. I remember I bought them in a set It’ is good in terms of padding large area and gives out the intensity of colour. This is easy to work on smokey eye look!

  • Sigma E70

This is the brush I found easy to highlight the browbone as the bush itself is angled shape. And I use it to blend out the harsh line at the edge of my eye.

  • Illamasqua IL150

It’s the other my top favourite brush. The size is just perfect to apply my shadow without leaving harsh line. And it’s vegan 🙂 I sometimes use it as a blending brush as it is fluffy enough to blend the colours out.

  • Bobbi Brown eye shadow

This is my first brush that made from natural hair -pony hair. It is easy to apply the colours on the eyelids. The texture is similar to Illamasqua IL150. And it’s perfect for smoked out effect.




  • Sigma E60

To be honest, this brush is too large for my eyes, I need to use it carefully when applying eye shadows. So I haven’t use it for a while.

  • The Body Shop eyeshadow blender

This is the brush I love so much. The stick is slightly heavy that it’s easy for me to balance when holding it. I use it when blending the harsh line out.




Blending brush

When I was laying it out I was thinking why would I need so many blending brushes?? But then I found out they all have different use.

Speaking of blending brushes, the major use is to blend the eye shadow out and the other use (for me) is the contour the side of my nose.

In terms of blending the shadows out, my favourite is Illamaqua then Sigma. As the Illamaqua one is easier to control the brush itself.

I tried to use the rest Zoeva to blend my eye shadow out, I found it’s suitable for me to contour my nose, as the brush is not as thick as Sigma or Illamasqua. They are just perfect for contouring. 🙂




Pencil brush

  • Illamasqua IL120

I normally use this pencil brush to pad darker colour on the outer corner of the lid the brush isn’t too harsh for me.

  • Zoeva 230

I got 2 of them is because I found it is easy to blend out the colour from the lower lash line. And the brushes from Zoeva are very affordable as well. So why not getting 2? 🙂




  • Zoeva 226

I love this brush and I am going to get a second one! It does very good job to plave colour on the lower lash, and I will blend the colour out with pencil brush.



Detail brushes

  • Bobbi Brown eye liner

I actually use it as concealer brush as it is very thin and is easy to control the brush. I normally use it to create a cut crease look. And this is my favourite brush. In addition, I sometimes use it to make my brow even harsh with concealer. It is amazing! And I can never find the brush so thin! I am thinking of getting a second one as well!

  • Real Technique

I use both of the brush to highlight my inner corner of the eye with MAC fix plus spray.

Hope you find it helpful! Have you used any of the brush before? Which one is your favourite?




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