job, dream, travel

I’ve been thinking a lot these since the first day I work in current job.

I’ve tried very hard to make myself love the job but I failed. It does drag me down. I find that I don’t enjoy working in an office. I want something more exciting like to meet more people and able to work anywhere.

I’ve checked out so many Youtube video that how to find out own purposes and happiness. I found I’ve been settled at this mindset for so long. And it is the time to change.

I’ve mentioned that I will leave this month it turns out I decided to leave on October. The main reason is that I want to make my cv looking better – at least I’ve been working there for 6 months.

The next step is that I am going to explore around what I really love and write them on my blog and share with you all 🙂

And then I am going to be traveling around. My next stop I planned to visit is Australia!

Do you have similar experience as me? How do you face this problem?

Have a lovely weekend!



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