Secret customer at bank

So I was assigned by my boss to be a secret customer previously. I am very excited because I finally have the chance to go outside and meet new people. It was a hot day. And walking under 37 degree is unpleasant but I don’t mind.

I need to say that it is a lovely day because of being a customer rather than staying in an office for 10 hours a day.

I met T and N. They are both very nice and teach me how to be a secret customer as it’s my first time. We did role play and designed some scenario to practice. The aim of being a secret customer is to make sure they have good service and always put customers in priority and solve their problems.

And finally, it’s time for me to approach one of the colleagues in the bank.

I asked him the exchange rate for 10,000 euro. He told me a figure and I said it’s too expensive can it be cheaper? (Yes.. the price is sometimes negotiable) 

He said no. However, he picked up the phone and called C bank and T bank. And asked them about the exchange rate of euro. He told me that C bank provides a better rate.

The next thing what he did surprised me a little. He then Googled on his smart phone the nearest branch and showed me. And also told me how can I get there.

Such flawless service! I will definitely write a very good review of it! And I was so happy that I met those 2 lovely new mates and having a new experience.


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