My little space : the map

Recently I’ve just thought of redecorating my bedroom. And was thinking of creating my vision board as well.

When I saw this world map on the website one day, I was so excited that I finally find the perfect item for both. I was so excited honestly! I cannot wait to hang on my wall. Just want to share with you. 🙂

I will also hang some of my favourite pictures and set some goals on the map later.


That’s how it looks in the night. How lovely! I love the navy colour. It totally matches my wall.


The moment I hang up the world map, it really reminds me how proactive and outgoing I was. And also the feeling of happiness. This map really motivates me to achieve more things in life. (Especially, when I am at the low point.)

I am now trying to pick out some of my favourite photos from my phone and print them out! And I am thinking of doing a little room tour with you next time. So stay tuned! xx



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