Weekend and September goals:

This weekend has been awesome.

I’ve spent time with my student sit down and help her with math. She got a lot of homework since she is going to a private high school. And she got absolutely no summer. The best part is that she finally understands the algebra thing. I might still need to change the way of teaching to overcome the future math topics.

Apart from that, I’ve chatted with my parents and everything was okay. My dad is still watching TV during the whole weekend, which I hated it but I can’t say anything about it. He’s kind of stubborn in some ways.

I also read a lot of articles online about how to stay motivated. Recently I am in a slump mainly because of my current job. I will get through anyways.

So I am going to quit the job by the end of the month and I’ve set up some goals and to-do list for my September:

  • Get driver’s license

Yeap! I am 24 and I am going to get one soon! Don’t laugh 🙂

  • Go travel

I plan to travel to the east of Taiwan for couple days. Just cannot wait to meet my friends! so excited!!

  • Teach another student

I love kids! Like teenagers, they are just the at perfect age for me to teach. And I enjoy teaching a lot! I cannot wait for those cute teenage reactions!

  • Practice make-up (5 times a week)

I am so inspired by Rae Morris, an Australian make-up artist. And recently I saw some creative make-up on Youtube. I think I will practice them as well.

  • Meet more people

I plan to attend all sorts of activities or even volunteering and meet people get some inspirations.

  • Work out 30 minutes and eat healthy food every day

This one is quite obvious. It’s just so good for body.

  • Read 2 books

I think I haven’t even have time to finish even 1 book during the past months.

  • Blog more ( at least 3 times a week)

I found it is a good way to express and explore myself.

Let’s see it will bring me to at the end of the September.

Night! It’s 1 a.m. and I am about to sleep. Hope you all have a lovely weekends!





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