Goat hair make-up brush??


I’ve been using make-up brushes from Sigma, Zoeva and Real Technique for a while. They are all synthetic brushes. I seldom see blogs or videos try the natural hair brushes so I’ve been thinking of trying natural ones.

Then I went on Taobao – where you can get all the cheap stuff. They cost around £7 for both brushes. The link is here in case you are interested.

Recently I just received my natural hair make-up brush that I bought online previously. They are made of goat hair. I love how smooth and fluffy the brush is. I just cannot wait to try them.

So today I am creating a pink make-up look using my new blending brush.


I am using my Morphe 35C palette and Illamasqua for my shimmer eye shadow on my lid today.

Look how pigmented it is!!

All in all, compare with my other synthetic brush, the natural hair brush are more easy to put colour on and easy to blend them. The only downside is that is not vegan.

There are so many brushes to choose from when doing make-up.

Which brush to choose?

Powder product: natural hair brush tend to pick up more amount as synthetic brush are not as fluffy as the natural hair ones.

Cream product: go for synthetic brush, they are the best for it!

Have you ever tried natural hair make-up brush? I am going to get a set of them and let you know how they feel and the looks.


One thought on “Goat hair make-up brush??

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