Weekend : End of the pain

The past 5 days were hectic – meetings almost everyday. Some financial companies like Blackrock, UBS came to talk about their latest product – mutual fund. Sometimes just feeling sick how they introduce their products cause they are all the same things.

After all the meetings and the crazy busy works, I arrive at home nearly 8 pm. And had my dinner. Then stay at my cozy bed. Watching some films and read other people’s blog.

I watched “One Day” this week. It took me 3 days to finish. I fell asleep after 30 minutes I start watching. I was very, very tired from work.

The movie is great. It reminds me of some memories with M.

Oh and M’s birthday was Monday. I sent some text to him. He updated me his life a little since we haven’t spoken for half year. I’m not sure if I am over him or not 😦

Anyways, this week was pretty amazing. I got some things done and confronted my supervisor. I think things will getting better and better.

I accidentally found I got 70 followers on WordPress today. Thanks for you all to read my posts!


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