Eyeliner : £25 or £6?

Hi everyone!! Hope you all have a good start with Saturday. It’s rainy outside but anyways, I am still happy I finally have the time to play around with my make-ups.

I went to drugstore this morning for a little browse on make-up. And I saw Maybelline products are doing discounts so I bought an eyeliner for £6 which I’ve always wanted to try.

And I found it is actually really good! The eyeliner I’ve been using is the one from YSL (£25.5)


The pictures are comparison on both eyeliners. (no makeup but eyeliner)






Oh! Although they look the same when trying on skin, it is worth to mention that the brush of YSL is slightly longer than the one on Maybelline.

The one with longer brush gives you more control and the brush itself is more flexible. The Maybelline ones requires more control.


Last but not least, they are both waterproof!!


Have you tried any of them? Which one will you choose??

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