Smile because it’s over.



Since I started to work, I’ve been always blamed by my supervisor from all sorts of things like wanting me to do things quickly and correctly.

When I ask him how should I do, he refuses to teach me. I don’t really mind about this cause I can find out the answer on my own through all sorts of ways. I do appreciated my lovely colleagues who have helped me a lot.

The thing is the way he treat me when I don’t know how to complete certain tasks – he will make fun of me and make me feel bad in the meeting and in front of the crowd (my other colleagues) – which I feel awful.

I need to be very honest that I cried almost every day when I get back home. I then indulge myself in some lovely music then fell asleep.

And great news today! He’s gonna leave by the end of the month! That’s the end of the nightmare.

I don’t hate him because I know I am still amazing! 🙂 Apart from work and tutoring, I want to spend more time on practicing make-up and write some new post about it.

Hope this post can be helpful for people who have similar situation as me. Just hang in there, miracle and unexpected things will happen.




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