Sunday, family, blog and anxiety

And today is Sunday. My parents and I decided to eat out at a Chinese restaurant. Anyways, Sunday was pretty awesome – staying with parents and done my favourite tutor job.

It’s going to be Monday. I don’t know why my anxiety become so obvious – I love my colleagues and am getting used to my daily jobs. Honestly, office life stress me out a lot. Meetings, and all the hectic schedule that almost stop me from breathing.

I cried on Friday after work in my bedroom – I hated it!

Despite all the busy works, I am still so grateful for my lovely colleague who is willing to help me in certain things.

I know I’m gonna go somewhere better soon. So I guess I’m just hang in there for a bit. I know I can get through the whole thing! I am so happy that I got this little place to express my feelings and having some followers.




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