How I survive through office life

I can never imagine how busy it is working at a bank. I start the job from 8.30 am and need to attend meeting straight away until 9 o’clock. And then countless boring chores to do. Normally, I end up my job 6ish. And that’s the end of the pain…

The followings are some tips that help me struggle through office job the past few months:

  • Coffee

If I have time in the morning, I will make myself a coffee. If not, I always buy myself a morning coffee! The caffeine makes me feel energetic. (at least not falling asleep)

  • Meditation

I cannot deny that how important it is to mediate. It is an easy escape for me. I spend 5 to 10 minutes a day to meditate. There are so many apps and youtube music out there to help me with it. After doing it, I often feel happier and have less stress.

  • Do something fun in the evening

It does not mean watching TV for the whole night (which my dad does). For me, finishing my morning job is just the start of the day! I have a second job – tutoring. I enjoy teaching and interacting with kids.

The other thing I enjoy doing during weekends is blogging! I get the chance to share my idea and meet new people over the internet 🙂

Do some fun stuff in the evening helps me relieve all my stress from work!

  • Work for your dream, not for money!

I cannot deny that money is important. However, only working for money can be tedious. I then set up some goals and dreams to achieve so that I won’t stress too much about it.

Like I’ve always wanted to travel around the world and meet some inspiring people. In the end, I will write some blogs to inspire more people!

Hope you find it helpful! Have a lovely weekend!


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