Dream house settings

I’ve always wanted to have my own house with my own style of decorations to stay in for a whole day.

I went to a dim sum place yesterday with H, then we continue to have a little browse around in the shopping mall. There is a new furniture place I’ve never been.


It is the first thing that pops in front of my eye! The grayish large sofa and a little square wooden table. very cozy!

I’ve never seen this kind of style in Idea or in our local shops before. It totally catches my eyes.


In terms of the table settings, it s a little bit too much for a cozy house. I like it on the photo more. I still prefer having a wooden dining table and some plates. I took the photo is simply because it reminds me of some memories in London.

“Forks, knives, spoons” can pretty much sum up my impression on British eating culture. I love it! I remember it took me for a while to get used to these “tools”. Looking back on my Chinese culture, just simply chopsticks.


Again, it still took me for a month to get back my Chinese eating habits – eating with bowls and chopsticks instead of plates, knives, and forks. I still miss London at some point.

I hope I can get a house of my own one day to decorate like that. xx


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