I (used to) love Forever 21

Have you ever used to love a brand so much, then you found something better to replace it and stopped shopping there?

I haven’t shopped in Forever 21 quite a while (Last time is 2015?). I used to love it when I was a teenager. I’ve done a lot shoppings there.

There is a store near my workplace. Then I went in to have a look – Nothing’s new. I am not very surprised as I found that the style they did remain the same recent years. – Basic tees and tanks with and without floral. And some other revealing tops. Oh and some pieces of denim.

Besides, I found the clothes from Forever 21 damaged easily after washing. The prices are generally slightly higher than H&M.

So I ended up with buying nothing.



  • Top, cardigan: H&M
  • Legging: River Island
  • Shoes: Oasis

How do you think about Forever 21? And what are your favourite clothing brands?

Hope you all have a lovely Thursday! And tomorrow is Friday!!!  yay!!


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