Why work?

I’ve been always thinking why would I willing to work in a bank since the first day I stepped in.

The pay wasn’t that attracting enough to lock me in the office for 9 hr a day and attending endless meetings. In fact, I’ve never wanted to work there. I am there just for some reasons. 

And since the first day, I found the job is tiring and challenging. Working for money can be tedious. Of course, we all need to work in order to pay our daily livings.

However, today I finally found out what I have passion about during the work. And that gives me strength to confront all the difficulties and move forward. I have the same feeling as my last part-time job. The feeling of happiness when helping people. I have great passion in sorting colleague’s problem.

I have another tutoring job. During tutoring, I am helping out as well! I love how happy they are after being helped. I just love it!

I hope that I can find out more of my passions and interests soon ( and live my own happy life! )


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