Monday: Daydreaming in the office

It’s Monday, and I think I am fully prepared for the rest of the working days whether mentally or physically.

When I walked into the office today, I don’t get tired easily. And it’s not as busy as I imagine. Most thing I can handle without asking my colleagues, which is an improvement for me as I am still a newbie.

I can still have some time to relax and come up some idea for blog.

Love it!

Working in banking is not an easy task – like need to be extremely careful when making any numerical report. and of course attending the endless meetings!

Speaking of morning meeting, they are talking about the French president elections and some policies that Trump made and how will they influence the financial world.

I found interesting that my senior colleagues are’t really paying attention to it – some swiping their phones, some are daydreaming and some even fall asleep! Make me doubt whether the topic is too difficult to understand or not very important.

That’s ridiculous!

It is worth to mention, the meeting is only 20 minutes.

After coming back from London, I started love to eat at home. Then I decided to prepare my lunch box to work every day. And I am going to post them and share with you!

Do you also have meetings at work? How is it?

Hope you all have a lovely Monday!


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