newbie . work . hectic

While I was making plans for next week, I found I have a quite tight schedule. Things come and go, so I decided to writing something to summarize my week during weekends just to grasp some important moments…

So this week is kind of busy and chaotic and I’ve never thought I can be as sick as this before. I start my banking job around 8.30am and finish around 6pm. And then I will have to start my “tutor job” from 7pm to 9pm. And arrive home around 10pm… End of the pain…

I don’t hate my banking job but I still have a lot things to learn- which can sometimes be frustrating.

The most bit I love about the banking job is that the pay wasn’t bad – which support my dreams like travelling and some other things I want to do. In addition, sometimes we will need to attend some “important conference” and they often take place at an luxurious hotel or restaurant. Let me share with you next time! xx

some other family stuff annoy me lately (I shouldn’t feel so as it has nothing to do with me…).

I am an optimistic person. Just when things come at once, I’ll go a little bit mad…And I found my reading time become less and less. I will do a 30-min of reading before bed.

Anyways, there are at least 3 meetings next week and I am going to get used to all these soon


4 thoughts on “newbie . work . hectic

  1. Well, congratulations on your new job!
    Like everthing, the start is always stressfull but once you get used to the routine things will look better.
    i like the fact that desoite your very busy schedule, you still make little time for reading ❤ I love reading.
    Looking forward to your next post :-*

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