How to get 35% off on MAC cosmetics?

I’ve been a fan of MAC for a while so done little bit of MAC shopping in London, which I mentioned in previous post. And I’ve shown my Mac pro card to the staff and the 35% off discount is applied!!

The card is especially for people who works for beauty like make-up artists, model or fashion stylist. It offers them to complete their makeup kits easily. Educational sessions and professional makeup can be found sometimes. And it’s free of charge!

You might wonder how I get the card.

So the quick tutorial is as followings:

Step 1:

Go to MAC pro website, select the country where you live and follow the rest of steps

Step 2:

This is the most important part. Upload your portfolio and some of other proof like business plan or business card and even the make-up related certificate you got.

It will take around a week for them to approve the documents. Then will receive an email notification from MAC.

At last, just sit and relax and wait for your card!

Hope you find it helpful. And comment below if have any questions.

Have a lovely Saturday! xx


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