5 blogging tips

Hi everybody!

I was nominated by Maggie for Blogger Recognition Award a few weeks ago! Check out her blog! She has done some lovely unboxing posts and try on. xx

I hope to share and record some new and interesting in my daily living- whether it is lifestyle, travel or beauty. It’s been 4 months since I started the blog.Thank you for following, reading and liking my posts! 

The following tips are things I found useful and works for me:

Stay real – The most lovely part of reading blogs is like going through a person’s life. It’s not like swiping Instagram photos – with heavy make-up and fashion clothes might be appealing. However, they hardly exist in our daily living. In addition, we can often learn some things from blogs! So it is important to stay real and be yourself! By this way, blogging will give you less pressure.

Blog more – I normally blog one post a week. I found the more I blog ( like 3 times a week). I got triple amount of readers. Besides, trying out different topic is a good way to discover your niche and the different types of readers.

Good quality pictures – The first thing that attracts reader is not only headline but also pictures. Most of my pictures are taken by Sony RX100 mark 3. And I will edit them through Snapseed ( you can download via ios or Android system.)

However, good quality photos don’t require a pro camera. Most of the smartphones nowadays can take quite good photos. Just to make sure to edit them. I always edit them when I am commuting on the bus – just simply with a smartphone!

Use the right tag – Using the right tags helps your WordPress readers find the relevant blogs they want to read efficiently. And the more tag you put, the more possible readers might click in.

Share on social media – When the post is done, it will not bring you readers if you just leave there. Make sure bug your friends or share them on Facebook or Twitter. By this way, it opens to more readers to read your posts.

So that’s my tips for blogging. Do you have yours? And what is it?

Thank you for your reading! Hope you find it helpful.

And remember to follow my blog.  Have a lovely day! xx


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