What I bought in London 


Hi everybody!

I know it’s been a while since the last post…

So I just came back from my graduation, which is in London. I met some lovely friends and visited some places. And of course, I did a little bit of shopping. This time, I really planned for my shoppings in order to spend less and get what I want!

So let’s get started!

The first place I shopped in London is The Body Shop.

They do a lot of lovely skin and makeup products. And they are cruelty-free! The most important thing before shopping in The Body Shop is to check out its website to get the latest offer. I got 40% off this time, which saves a lot budgets!

Things I bought:

Drops of Light- Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel


The product contains Vitamin C and its main feature is not only brightening the skin but also peels off the dead skin and gives it more luminous and healthy look. I tried it last night. It is quite refreshing and makes the skin feeling softer! It is a gel type kind of exfoliator instead of the salty ones. I prefer the gel ones as it is more gentle and doesn’t create redness on the skin.

Matte Lip Liquid-Tokyo Lotus 024


I love Body Shop lip cream! I’ve been using the shade Mauritius Dahlia every day for winter. It lasts well on the lip. I wouldn’t say it lasts for a whole day but at least it doesn’t bother me eat or drink! So this time I got another one for spring ( on the left ). It has very high creamy colour and it is matte as well. It gives the velvet touch of finishing. Plus, after the discount, it’s only £3.6! Who doesn’t love it?

Then I went into Boots, the one at Picadilly Circus. I think it is the biggest Boots store in London! I can literally spend an afternoon there.

I pop into the NYX stand straight away. As there are only 2 or 3 stands in London. Then I got another lip cream (on the right). Shopping for lipsticks is one of the toughest jobs for me. And I totally forgot I bought one already in the body shop. when I try on my hand, I found the colours are so similar!

It is very pigmented as well. However, I found it difficult to remove it, which I will have to remove it 2 times or more.

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler 


I’ve been recommended to buy this hairbrush by friends and finally got them! I read the ad before that it can detangle the hair, and increases the shine. So I bought 2. The big one is for brushing hair when it’s wet, and the other one is portable, which comes with a cover protects the teeth. I found it really helps with the frizzy hair and makes it smoother.

The big one is for brushing hair when it’s wet, and the other one is portable, which comes with a cover protects the teeth.

The next thing I cannot miss in London is Jo Malone perfume!

This time I bought Wild Bluebell in 30ml.

One of Jo Malone iconic flavour! The smell that infuses woodland with bluebell. It is just an ideal scent to go with every day.


I thought that was it for shopping in Jo Malone.

However, on my way back to the airport, I found it’s 20% off on Jo Malone (because of the tax-free) I might look around a little.

This French Lime Blossom reminds me of a place that I used to love so much! The subtle floral smell just so suitable for spring! So I got the 100ml one.


I went to MAC pro store the other day- the one in Covent Garden. By using Mac Pro card, 35% off can be applied in any products. (The discount differs by country. In Taiwan, for example, is 20% off, and the USA is 40% off.)

I got a lipstick and a strobe cream.


Strobe Cream

I’ve heard of this product before but have never tried it. Since I am running out of my Smashbox primer, I am getting this to replace it. The cream luminizes the skin. It is very useful when using it with a matte foundation. And it suddenly boosts the skin to prevent the look of tiredness.

Mac Lipstick- Speak Louder

The other lip product I bought. As I said previously, “Shopping for lipsticks is one of the toughest jobs for me.” These 3 lip products are so similar. The colour is so “spring” that I cannot resist!

The last product I got is a mascara from Estee Lauder.

It is Sumptuous Extreme Waterproof

I’ve been using Estee Lauder mascara for a while and is running out of it. And it’s time to try a new one. So I’ve picked up the waterproof one. I haven’t

So I’ve picked up the waterproof one. I haven’t tried on yet. However, I checked the review on the website and is highly recommended. So I am looking forward to it!


Among all the products, what’s your favourite?



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