Let’s visit The Shard!

The weather was gloomy last Monday in London. So I’ve changed my plan to The Shard on Wednesday. And it was amazing!



My first impression with The Shard is that it’s video ceiling inside the lift and it’s speed!- It is 6 metres a second!

And this was my first view when I walked out the lift.


The night view is stunning! And it was already 9pm!

The Big Ben, London Eye and the red bus turned so small running under my foot. It was just the most amazing night view I’ve ever had in London!

Some other pictures I took:





  • So I’ve found out there are “spring saver” tickets – which available 10AM, 1.30PM and 9PM (Monday to Friday) or 10AM (Saturday and Sunday)!
  • It saves me £10 for the ticket! Plus, and it is £5 cheaper if booking online in advance!
  • Closest tube station: London Bridge

Thanks for reading and hope you find the information helpful! xx

Have a lovely day!! And see you in my next post!



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