How to take notes


Hi! Everybody!

I’ve been asked so many times that how I take notes for exams.

As a math and business school student, I love to make things much easier to read.

There are so many books and journals to read, and exams to do. The textbooks are getting thicker and thicker. It’s so difficult to read them all up and to “chew” them in a short time.

However, I love taking notes, and always makes them look nice and easy so that I can carry around and study at them. Even during walking!

So let’s get started!

All you need is:


By using different colours, they pops out on the paper and help me to quickly identify the main points. Therefore, it boosts our memory.

  • Black: It’s my “base” colour. I use it as base
  • Green: Highlighting colour 1
  • Blue: Highlighting colour 2
  • Red: Things I need to notice


To correct writing errors

Refill pad with quadrille

People have constantly asked me why am I taking note on “math paper”.

Originally I was really doing math on it. However, I found when I use it when writing, I feel my brain is organized and easy to remember.

I’ve always been using this kind of paper since then!

The followings are my note for financial module, and you can apply to any subject!



Explaining a concept


Math and formula


Hope you like it! And have a lovely weekend!!

See you next time! xx


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