Enjoy the British countryside, Cotswolds!

To escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, I’ve always wanted to visit a place like this:

blue sky, old British style of village, and cute little river

Cotswolds can meet all my needs! And finally having a day to enjoy my little walk here!

Buses in Cotswolds only come every hour during the peak time and every 2 hours during the off-peak.The last bus normally ends around 7pm.

So if you have a return train ticket, make sure to do plans for the transportation before visiting Cotswolds. It is worth to note that there is no Uber service in Cotswolds.

Walking along the road, breathing fresh air and viewing the beautiful scenery is literally the greatest joy!

I’ve visited Bourton-on-the-water

The name is so cute!!! And this cuteness totally wins my heart!

Look at the river and the bridge how beautiful it is! It’s like a little Venice.

And all the lovely trees.

I can completely stay here all day long!

The other place I went is stow-on-the-wold. 

Surrounded by the lovely little shops, it makes the whole place even like a heaven!

The rest of the day, I choose to walk around the countryside, and go back to busy London.

And that’s the day in Cotswolds

Hope you like it! And see you next time! xxx


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