My winter go-to lip!

Hi everyone! Since I’ve shared my every day winter eye makeup last time, today I am going to be showing my winter go-to lip makeup. And they are also some of my favourite lipsticks.

I love MAC. Although I’ve written that it’s foundation has caused me allergic reaction, they still have some amazing products. So this time I will introduce my every day winter lipstick from MAC.

Talking about winter, I will think of colour Burgundy to warm up the winter a bit

Ha Ha!

MAC does wide rage of Burgundy shade of colour. There are 2 of them that I love so much!

Look at the shades!!! And how lovely the names are!

They are amazingly beautiful when trying on the lips. Trust me!

One of the reasons that I love them so much is that it moisturizes the lips so that it won’t have cracks hours later. However, I still put a layer of lip balm beforehand. Just in case…


One of the iconic product from MAC! I thought it wouldn’t look well on oriental face. However, when I try it on in store. I was thinking: I’m gonna buy it!!!

Velvet teddy

My “don’t know what to wear” lipstick! I love this shade! It is actually my lip colour but gives a little bit of intensity. I usually wear it when I go to work or having heavy eye makeup (like smokey eye…) And because it is nude sort of colour, it goes with any occassion!

And that’s my every day winter overall look! So what’s yours?

Hope you like it and see you in my next post! xx


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