It’s March already?!

Time is flying so fast and it’s already March now.

February was crazy!

During February, I’ve received my academic transcript from uni and so happy that I got a Merit. I am now finally graduated from postgraduate! I’ve quite paid a lot of concentration during studying and it all finally paid off!

The thing that I am excited so much is that I am going to London in April for my graduation. I’ve got all my tickets done and have listed out all my shopping lists for makeup, skin care product and some outfits!

Planning to do a huge haul after coming back to London. Yay!

The other thing is that I’ve started my “real job”, which is quite exciting. I am now running a project for a logistics company. I’ll share it with you next time. The job is challenging sometimes. I am now learning new things every day, which I love to. It’s a part of my job. I feel so energetic after learning things.

I can feel that March will be amazing and crazier !

Hope you all have a lovely March! xx

Hope you like it and see you in my next post! xx


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