3 simple ways to be happy

Hi everyone! So I was feeling a bit down previously. It’s been a while to find my way out and hope these simple ways can have some help for you as well eventually!

We all have ups and downs. It’s absolutely fine to feel not well mentally. Our human body can get ill, so does our mind. They are fighting to the things we are facing.

Just let them go and stop taking pills. 

I came up with 3 simple ways to stay happy. And most of all it’s free!

These literally work for me every time in any situations.

1. Listen to soft music

There are 2 kinds of waves in our brain, which are alpha wave and beta wave. Our brain waves are mostly beta brain waves (working, thinking or having some pressure). When we relax (like watching TV) the brain enters the alpha brain wave state. We can feel our body relax suddenly. So the whole point is to generate more alpha waves.

Listening to alpha wave music is often soft and calm. It helps our whole body and brains go into a deep relax. I always listen to these musics before going to bed or having a bad day. ( Really good to relax!) It helps every time.

The followings are the music I often listen:

Peaceful, Creative Focus Music

Studying & Creativity Music

2. More trees!!

Going to spacious area with large amount of green trees can be extremely healing. Yes! They generate oxygen, which is good for human body and improve blood circulation. All the pressure released suddenly.

and last but not least……

3. Talk to a close friend

A close friend is definitely a good choice to talk to cause they know you well!

Hope you find the ways helpful and see you next time! xx


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