Greatest fear: MAC foundation


It is so important to do some research before buying make-up.

Few months ago, I’ve tried MAC face and body foundation on my face. Hours later, I feel extremely ichy all over my face. I knew the foundation had caused me the reaction. I quickly remove the make-up like 3-4 times. I thought that was it.

The next morning, my face went so puffy (the left picture).

I can barely open my eyes widely. It quite scared me when looking myself into the mirror like this. I leave it till the next day- it went even worse. My face is even puffier and red. It feels like thousands of insects climbing on my face.


I want to peel my whole skin off. I’ve tried all sorts of way to calm my skin down (ice bags, pro-bio yogurt), none of them help.

The 7th day, it didn’t go down. I went to the local clinic. The doctor prescribed some medicine, which I will need to take Antihistamine 8 tablets per day and need to take it consecutive 5 days. It means I will have to take 40 pills in 5 days! That’s insane!

And that’s the end of the nightmare. I’ve tried to reach the customer service to tell them the issue. However, there are word limits… that it’s difficult to tell the whole thing. Afterwards, I googled and found out some girls has the same issue with MAC foundation as well.

It is quite frustrating to going through all these. Just to make sure go ask for a tester for any make-up or skincare products before buying them. xx

See you in my next post! xx


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