Morphe 35W: Worth to buy???

Among all of the make-up products, eyeshadow is my favourite! Because I can have more varieties and can make it wearable every day, whether to work or school.

Since I’ve heard of the brand Morphe Brushes, I’ve always wanted to get one, especially the 35O. However, it is always out of stock online ( Even more difficult to get than Adele’s concert tickets!!).

Anyways, this is my first Morphe palette – 35W, which I got it from Beautybay last year for around £21. Although it’s not 35O, it is surprisingly good! So this palette has 35 colours of course.

It’s a mixture of matte and shimmer eyeshadows.

Look at the pressed power… And the shimmer.

So pretty and healing!

The whole 35W:

And these are the swatches:

1st row:

Nude colours weren’t too bad. And easy to be blended as well. Good as a base before using the main colour.


2nd row:

This is my most favourite row in this palette! The actual pigmentation matches it’s colour. However, the 6th colour (from left to right) doesn’t perform that well. I love the shimmer colours!!

3rd row:

Apparently, the purple one doesn’t leave on my skin well. I will have to put on more layers… However, the left three colours are so like tropical fruits!

So pretty!!!

4th row:

The purple colours don’t perform that well again… Anyways, the brown ones win my heart, they are super creamy!

5th row:

Only the 1st and 2nd colour ( from left to right) I like in this row. And the rest colours I found I need to pat on my skin more than once.

The followings are the colours that I selected from this palette and the quality is sooo good!

Look at that glow…!

In general, I love all the shimmer colours from this palette. It’s like 60p per colour in average. I can say it’s still a bargain!

Overall Value:★★★★☆

Hope you like it and see you in my next post! xx


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