My super dad :)

My dad can pretty much do everything. And he does it well!

Like writing articles and critics. He is like Google. When I ask him how do I get to a certain place. He can quickly tell me all the ways he can think of and also the specific time of spending. For example, 7 mins 30 secs.

Most of all, he is always right! In addition, he can memorize like hundreds of telephone numbers so that he doesn’t even need to check up he’s yellow phone book.

These are the only tiny bits about him.

It is worth to mention that he is also a pro at cooking!

When he had something that he really likes at a top-rated restaurant. He can simply taste it, and recreate the course around the similarity of 95% at his first shot.

I do feel so lucky that I am Chinese. I have so much more chance to explore some sort of hot Chinese food during freezing winter. With my dad, we had almost different food every meal. Yes! every single meal!

Here are some of the courses my dad made last Saturday. All these are typical Chinese/ Taiwanese cuisine.


Stir-fried String beans with diced pork

This is my favourite green veggies! It had some fried diced garlic to add extra flavour!


Stir-fried Spinach

My dad always want me to eat more. He claimed that it helps with the hair growth…


Fried Mackerel

I love fish!!!!


And of course we each had a bowl of rice!



Braise Silver Carp with Spring Onion

This sauce is my love!!! I can simply eat all of them!


Pig’s trotter

We often eat this to celebrate people’s birthday… I’ll come up with the story next time. I love the skin part! The soft and the silky texture!!


Stir-fried cabbage with sliced mushrooms and diced pork

Just a course my dad love so much…


Chicken breast, mushroom, bamboo fungus, and sea cucumber

I love to chew bamboo fungus. The texture is so special!


However, he only works for my mum and me! (Proud daughter) =D


See you in my next post! xx


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