Fall in love with London

After all these travelings in London, I never knew that I love the trees so much.

Looking back at the photos in my camera, the most pictures I took are trees, trees and even more TREES!

I love the pattern that the tree sticks created. I found the complicated patterns are particularly healing to me. When looking at those giant trees at a spacious park, I feel the sense of security and the powerful energy it gives me.

I can totally stare at them forever and not thinking anything. All the stress and pressure suddenly released! I think this related to the term called “Mandala”.

The term is originally from India (I thought it’s from China). It is a complicated but beautiful pattern that will lead you to the meditating mindset.


These beautiful trees make me remind of the concept of infinity, noted as “∞” and the extension of the tree sticks. Making me feel so little and want to explore this big big world.


Anyways, just want to share with you and keep a record of my most favourite bit of traveling. It’s a huge bit actually.

Hope you enjoy and see you in the next post!


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